The Wrestling News

A note from Brian Last:

I am very happy today to announce the launch of a new division of Arcadian Vanguard, as well as the launch of a new podcast: The Wrestling News.

In 2020, Arcadian Vanguard purchased the assets of Pro Wrestling Enterprises from Brian Bukantis’ Arena Publishing. These assets included The Wrestling News and the publications merged into it (Wrestling Revue, Wrestling Monthly, The Ring’s Wrestling, amongst others). Pro Wrestling Enterprises was the company founded by Norman Kietzer, a trailblazer in wrestling media. In 1972, Kietzer began publishing The Wrestling News, initially as a tabloid newspaper, and then as a magazine.

Upon the purchase, Arcadian Vanguard began working on a plan to revive The Wrestling News. We are now there.

Our goal is to present you, daily, a serious wrestling newscast covering all the latest news, but minus the opinion and conjecture.

We have put together a top notch team for The Wrestling News, including Brian R. Solomon as our News Director. Brian, who joined the Arcadian Vanguard team full time in June and will be involved with a variety of our projects in development, will lead our news division.

Mike Sempervive will be the Supervising Producer of The Wrestling News, as well as an on-air anchor to the newscast. Mike has been a part of this project since the early planning stages.

Lou Kipilman will be our West Coast / Late Edition Producer, and a frequent on-air contributor.

Stay tuned for future news of team additions and further acquisitions.

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